Good Morning

In today’s post I’m going to discuss how positive thinking in the morning / early morning can make our day. In our mind there are two person happy man and sad man. Both do multiply the input we give to them. For example if we think in early morning that it is a good morning, its very beautiful morning, oh how good the air is, how good the trees are & I am also very positive and strong. The happy man starts multiplying it and it makes your day beautiful. But if you start thinking that oh it’s a bad morning, I have lots of things to do. I don’t know how it is going to happen. Oh my life has many problems how to deal with them. The bad man will not only multiply these thoughts but also will your day worst.

So in order to make your day you have to give input to happy man within you just say in the mind that this morning is very good. Always smile in the morning. Fill that you have everything that you want and keep smiling & then all the good things in the universe will mix up with your good vibrations and it will be multiplied. I will give you an example supposes you are from pune city and you have gone to an unknown city to live. One day you meet a person in the bus and he said that he is also from pune. Then he said that 2 of my roommates are also from pune. Then you said 3 of my roommates are also from pune. Then it so happened that you discussed about the people those you know from pune living in the same city you live. The purpose of this example is that our mind also does the same. As the input is it searches all the related things in the memory & makes the whole mind environment as per feeling of those thoughts.

So if your thoughts make you feel happy & energetic you will feel cheerful but if your thoughts are of worry, sadness and depression you will feel sad and weak.

Our mind is like a hard disk. Its memory contains huge data. If we fire a query to search something all the thoughts related to that search input will come out & our mind goes though each file / thought we found after this search. We not only see that file or thought but also we make a judgment & that creates a kind of sensation on our body & it make a feeling of good or bad.

Suppose morning you get up & you started thinking about the last night dream. Oh it was a bad dream, I used to see such dreams many times and each time the day when I see such dreams something bad happens. What it could be? Will it be something related to this dream? Oh suddenly I remember I have some problem in my life out of those few are very serious. Few of them are very difficult. I don’t know how to deal with them. As our mind starts feeling about difficulty in our problem it reminds us all the similar problems which are not solved, from our memory. It will remind you all the examples of failures and you yourself will make your difficulty worst.

Instead of that early morning when you wake up in the same situation a small change can subtract all the above things. Suppose just like previous you had a bad dream but you started thinking that oh let it be it’s just a dream. Many times I had such dreams but it didn’t affect much. It’s a good morning. The air is very good. Oh I have lots of tasks to do today. I have some problems in my life but let’s not concentrate on those now. In the past I had deal with many problems similarly some how I will deal with this too. There are many people who have hell lots of problems with them but they do deal with them & get success. If they can do why cant I ? and the whole body starts feeling a good vibrations.

So in short if you start your morning with good feeling it will make your day great. Enjoy………

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