All is Well

Hi, today i am going to share another story that i heard in a motivational video (Himesh Madaan).There was a businessman ritesh. Once he got a biggest financial breakdown in his company. he had a lot of debt so he came under big tension.he couldn’t sleep or eat properly. every time he was in worry,thinking and due to that he came under big stress.

One day he sat in a park depressed and deep thinking something. A man came near him and asked,”Hey, you look worried. Is everything all right?” Ritesh told him the whole story. The person said , “Don’t worry, I am a retired businessman. I will give you a check of 10 lacks. it will solve all of your problem , after 1 year return back this to me.” Then he gave a check of 10 lacks to Ritesh and went.

Ritesh suddenly got up. He smile felt relaxed and easy. He thought now i have a backup of 10 Lacks . Lets keep it a side and put our efforts on a company to retain what is lost. he put all his new generated energy in to his work an also inspired his employees. All worked together energetically and within a year he was out of debt and earned some profit too.

He was now stress-less since all of his problems were solved. He then remembered that man who gave him that check. He went that park thinking that lets return the check to the old man and lets tell him the recent success story. He waited in the park for hours but he didn’t see that man. After a long wait he saw that man jogging but in few seconds he saw 2 ladies caught him and they were dragging him. He ran towards them and asked the ladies what the matter is. The ladies said,”He is the patient of mental hospital and every day he runs away. He keep telling everyone he meets that he is a big businessman and distributes checks.”

I do relate this story to the concept all is well from 3 idiots. If we manage to make our heart fool then it will not solve the problem but it will give us a strength to deal with it.

All-is-wellAnd lastly i would like to mention a quote by dale carnige

“The most important thing in Life is not to capitalize our gain any fool can do that The really important thing is to profit from your losses. That requires intelligence & it make the difference between a man of a sense and a fool.”



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