Few lessons from Sandeep Maheshwari’s Pune Session

Hi, Today i am going to share few points from sandeep maheswari’s Pune Session (9th October 1015).


Many times we hear that , “Listen the inner voice.” because this going to help us discover what we should do that will make us successful and Happy. Many times we are not able to understand or differentiate between our inner voice or outer voice.

He shared very interesting experience of him. He has 2.5 years daughter and around 7 years son. The daughter is having a toy kit with a barbie doll and a doctor kit. she everyday play with it very happily.where as his son is having a toy robot. As long as the son is not enjoying or play with joy with the robot she has no problem but as soon as he started playing with the robot, enjoys playing with it shouts happily. she used to come to him and snatch the robot. Then Sandeep use to make understand the son that, ‘ you are elder,you understand.’ All parent do the same. one day after this incidence he brought a chess and started playing with his son. And just to show his daughter they were shouting happily giving hi fi to each other. She looked them and destroyed the chess setup. Now she wanted the chess not the robot.

That’s what we do many times. For example suppose you are doing a  job  you are happy with what you are doing.Some day you come to know that your few friend have gone to abroad. they sometimes calls you or you have communication with them through whatsApp or skype. by some mean your mind understands that they are very happy and the reason is that they are abroad. (Please note that i am not saying going abroad is not good thing. Here the context is different.) Then after that you are disturbed and badly willing to go abroad.This thing Sandeep explained very well. If some desire comes in to you mind then leave it aside for at least 7 days, in this duration you will come across the positive and negative sides of it.Think on it peacefully and wisely. if none of the negative consequences are making you fear or confuse and you have courage to face them.Then definitely go for it. But if due to some thoughts you scared or confuse then it is not your inner voice don’t  go for it.

Sandeep Maheshwari

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