Input And output System of Mind

Input And output System of Mind

Hi, today I am going to share few of my observations on our mind.

Many times we are disturbed due to the uncontrollable thoughts continuously running in our mind. These thoughts take your control from yourself and you are engaged into different worries and anger. You lost your attention from what is important.

You might have observed sometimes few of the thoughts of negativity is getting majority inside your mind in such a way that it becomes very difficult to come out from that. And when it happens so, we get our self into another worry that, these thoughts are not going out from mind. To work on it one thing we must understand very clearly that we don’t have any control over the thousands of thoughts that had made a huge crowd.

If you carefully observe the pattern more specifically there are 2 categories (A) thought those gives us right directions might be for good deeds , good efforts for our work/career. (B) Useless thoughts, these thoughts might be of no use or are playing major role in generating anxiety, anger or hatred. Now you can relate to your thoughts with these 2 types and there are limitless type B category thoughts. We everybody wants to get rid of these thoughts. But as I said we don’t have any control on the thoughts.Then, how to get rid of it?

Now remember in your childhood or in college life while studying you were getting disturbed many times since you favorite song was continuously and repeatedly getting played and because of which you were unable to concentrate.  Why it happened? It’s simple as the song is your favorite you heard it repeatedly and the same is installed in your mind.

Today what is happening , most of the places you are hearing negativity you are reading negativity you are watching negativity in several forms. So continuously and repetitively your mind is installing many polluted thoughts, which gives you the Result of type B thoughts.

What will happen if we change these inputs? Just imagine,if continuously your mind is hammered by inspirational thoughts, inspirational words, and inspirational songs then the crowd of thoughts will automatically change its pattern and you will get your life on track. Now how to do this? read motivational books or articles. If you don’t like reading, there are several motivational videos available on youtube. Now almost everybody has smart phones you can make best use of it, for listening motivational speeches, motivational songs.

But, remember that this is a continuous process. As we eat when we are hungry but it is not sufficient for lifetime. You are again going to be hungry and again you will need food. Just reading once a book or once watching a motivational video is not sufficient. You must do it repeatedly and continuously, it will change the input of your mind and you will get an output of cheerful and motivational crowd of thoughts.


Amol Ujagare

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