One Arm Kid

Hi, today i am going to share a short little story told by mr. shiv khera from his one of the motivational seminar.There was a young couple once had a car accident , they got outside from the window but they had a kid who was stuck in the backseat, they spent the whole night to take back the kid outside the car. the kid was then taken to the hospital after an operation the doctor said that they had a good news and a bad news the good news is that this kid is going to live and the bad news is that we had to amputee his one arm, he is gonna be a one arm kid. the parent had to accept it.

One day the kid was watching a movie by bruce li & he fell in love with the marshal arts  and he told about this to his father. his father said that with 2 arms it is difficult with one arm who is going to take you in. But he found a teacher like miyagi in karate kid. Teacher said that son i will take you in but in one condition, don’t ask me any questions just keep doing what i tell you to do.and they taught him how to stretch back and forth,back and forth and they taught him one move. A month later he was doing the  same move, six month later,a year later he was doing the same move. he asked his teacher that many students came after me and they are learning different moves and i am doing the same move since a year. the teacher reminded his promise remember don’t ask me any questions just keep doing what i tell you to do and he said that son i know you are doing only one move but in life you will never need a second one. one day kid came for the practice and teacher said that you are representing the school in tournaments. He asked,What? Teacher said just be there don’t ask questions.

when the day came it was a quarter final it was a big  fight but some how the kid got the opponent and he won. He couldn’t understand what was going on. now it was a semi final it was bigger opponent bigger fight but he got the opponent and he won. He couldn’t understand what was going on. now it was a final and this opponent was brudo , at some point he came and he punched this kid in his ribs, broke 3.then he came he kicked this kid broke his teeth.kid was flying out of the rope with rib’s broken teeth broken. he was lying and he was getting counted out he was badly hurt. while he was lying down he saw outside his teacher was there and he had a eye contact with his teacher and the moment he had an eye contact the kid started crying ,tears started rolling.he was badly hurt.his teacher said , “son you know what to do.” so before he counted out he went back to the opponent with the same all he new and he got the opponent and he won. this game became history the one arm kid became a champion. His parents were there they said,” Son we are proud of you lets go home you do need a medical assistance.”, the son said, “No! you go home today my teacher will take me home and he has to answer some questions.” while his teacher driving him back to the home he asked him,”sir, did i win or did they took pity on me because i am one arm kid.” the teacher said,”son,this is marshal arts and nobody gives anything to anybody.” the kid then said,”Then i don’t understand, i with one arm became a champion and these people with 2 arms could not became a champion.”,and the teacher said,”Son, when i started teaching a marshal art there was a one thing i never told you, in any contact sport  for every hold there is a counter and the whole that i taught you the only counter to that one is to grab your left arm. and you got none.” your greatest weakness will become your strengths. winners recognizes there limitations but focus on their strength.losers recognizes there strength but focus on their limitations.


Thank You – Amol Ujagare

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