A journey from bhigwan to pune

Hi, today i would like to share one of my experience of a trip from bigwan to pune. few days ago i had to go to Karjat from pune. since i couldn’t collect information about bus due to short notice of travel i decided to go on bike. I reviewed the map from pune to karjat (Ahmednagar) it was via hadapsar -> theur-> urlikanchan ->yavat-> bigwan ->rashin -> karjat. I had a company while going , it was my cousin brother on bike. he said that there is one shortcut we don’t need to go via bigwan ,we will go via daund->sidhhtek->rashin-> karjat. i said ok. But the road was not good , distance was less but due to the bad route we had to drive slowly. we reached in about 3 and half hours.

rashinBefore going back i again reviewed the map. I observed that the distance is around 140 KM. so if the average speed is 60 Km/hr we should reach within 2 and half hours. but since due to the road was not good we had to drive less than 60 km/hr and it took long time. Again the Bigwan to pune is national highway and very fast. I also heard that on this road 75-85 Km/hr speed is nothing and one can reach in 1 and half hour from bigwan to Katraj-pune. I thought lets not with 75-85 but at least 50-60 km/hr speed can take me within time and with less exertion.So I departed  with my wife at around 4:30 in the evening. so from karjat to rashin we needed to drive slowly. it was again a rough road, narrow and surrounded with  many trees.

It took around 1 and half hour to reach till bigwan bridge. I happily took a turn and wow! pune 100 KM! it was 6 o’clock and according to my calculation hardly till 7:30 or 7:45 PM we will reach to the house. I was ready to fly (with moderate speed) i drove til 10 minutes with 60 Km/hr speed. and suddenly there was heavy wind. it was not for a little distance but till far more distance. I stopped. few thoughts came suddenly in the mind. how long this heavy wind will be ? the plan i did to reach within certain time will it affect? it was summer so till 7 there is sunlight. if i go slowly i will still remain in the unknown highway for a long time. i cant drive fast (even with moderate speed) on unknown road at night where there are no street like unlike the cities .There is lot of risk. The moment when the word RISK came in my mind . I suddenly remember sandeep maheshwari’s talk about a risk. What is risk actually if you force new born baby  to run as fast as he can there is risk. but if you let him crawl first, then stand up then slowly make him run. then there is moderate and calculable risk . which can be easily mitigated.  And another important thing ,”Na bhagana hai, Na rukana hai bus chalate rehena hai. ” (neither to run nor to stop. just keep walking)it brought me lots of motivation.  I though there is heavy wind its OK if i drive the bike with more than certain speed there is a risk of getting slip. but what if i drive @ 10 Km/hr speed. i can easily go forward without any risk. slowly but steadily . i did it and succeed. The heavy wind was for about 3-4 km . I crossed that hurdle. then there was atmosphere of rain for few Km. now here if we stop there were would be darkness in few minutes and due to that there would be few more kilometers i will have to drive in darkness on  unknown highway. but still we decided to wait . i needed a rest since i was driving for 1 and half hour. we did a breakfast. and then again started.Now Pune it was 70 KM . it was darkness and no streetlights. now i made a calculation if it was a day and i would driven bike with 60 km/hr speed i would have reached in about 1 hour. Now its 7 o’clock, if  i drove with half of the speed it would take 2 hours means by 9 PM . which is ok. So i had driven bike accordingly and finally reached to my destination safely.

That day I remembered a thought from one of my learnings from life,

“Success is not a matter of being the best and winning the race. it is the matter of finishing the race and handling the worst.”

a journey from bhigwan to pune
a journey from bhigwan to pune

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