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Amol Ujagare

Hi, My self Amol ujagare. I completed my Engineering in information technology from PICT (Pune Instutute of computer technology) and currently working in Tcraft Technologies since more than 3 years.

I initially started my career as java developer. Latter on i moved to Software testing. Though i moved form development to testing I still have my affinity towards Java. So i do conduct Java based Selenium WebDriver training’s too.

Since i started my Academics till now i experienced lots of challenges . Most of the times i failed. today when I look back I feel that the best things happened with me are my failures. because of those only I learnt to get up and walk. Once our HOD said in some ceremony that there is one difference in school/college learning and learning lessons from life. In school/college you first learn the lesson then there is exam but in life first there is exam then you learn the lesson.

I heard once in some motivational seminar By Sandeep Maheshwari that “How many times we actually sit and think, why do i do whatever i am doing . Does it has any purpose. every one has a purpose of their own life. if we don’t know it now we must search for it and hence to search the purpose of our life is the purpose of our life. ”

I finally realized the purpose of my life. With the help of this blog i will be sharing my experiences and learning  through my articles that will be my small attempt to share my energy in motion.


-Amol Ujagare

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